The fact is: When not being able to move like the Africans in their huge, soft gracious movements, then one has tensions in the body. Normally in the modern world, there is very much tension. The problem is that people get used to it and as long as it does not give any pain or is causing problems one does not think that it is a problem. The over-tensed muscles which we find in almost every human in the modern world, is not at all existing in certain African tribes.

Imagine how many humans are bothered of pains everywhere and especially in the back and neck? All lays in its root in over-tensed muscles, wrong body posture, unnatural unnecessary muscle contractions which reduces emotions etc.


This amazing type of healing is the absolute best healing one can get for back and neck pain, prolapses, and any kind of joint pain, pain in the muscles. The tension in the muscles is one of the biggest reason why the body is pulled into a wrong body-posture. A wrong body-posture creates the body to be in unbalance. This unbalance creates a different weight on the muscles which is tensing them even more. The tensed muscles can usually create a lot of pain and unbalance in all joints in the body, which again can create many joint problems. Wrong body posture and tensed, stiff muscles are one of the biggest reasons why any pain in the joint or muscles can happen. That’s why one can expect huge levels of healing for many types of joint problems, pains, sicknesses. Rheumatism, Gicht, and stiffnesses and strange symptoms in the muscles have the biggest chance to disappear.

This type of healing is not a usual healing. It can only be done because Eiwind has a special, powerful energy.

Viking Power Einzelseite
Viking Power Rays


The human body has sixhundred-thirtynine skeleton muscles, which we can consciously control. Imagine a muscle pancer of 639 (!) too tensed muscles, what it really does with humans physically and mentally and imagine what can happen when it leaves. Without any question about it, the fantasy can not stretch itself to understand the possibilities. Humans are used to themselves and how they function in life and are not having so many comparison possibilities. That’s why the focus on these topics is rather small.

Eiwind: „Because of the body’s ability of holding onto too high tension, the humanity in modern societies are getting disturbances in the body and mind, so it is not possible to keep the highest levels of many functions, abilities and talents in the body and mind. The olderings process is completely unnatural, like we have seen it for some groups of people in certain centuries and in nowadays world, and is basically caused of tension in the body“.

The shortened and tensed muscles have an impact on the whole body:
The tension spreads everywhere:

  • All the muscles will be harder, stiffer.
  • It creates face changes.
  • It reduces the singing voice.
  • It creates a reduced breath capacity.
  • The muscles which are correcting the body by itself are no longer able to correct the body like it is natural to be. (The body of animals has this natural power at all time, that the body corrects its posture at all time by itself)
  • All the movements of the different joints will be so much shortened, that stretching oneself into extended positions will be reduced possible.
  • Over time more and mores stiffness will be created.
  • The body posture will become completely wrong and looks totally different from person to person.

The three days seminar is so powerful, that even gradually lost power can come back. Even over years with the creation of blockages and tensions can be washed away.

Because as a child one was not allowed to express itself emotionally, in the way one wanted and because we have certain norms, the body learned to hold a too high tension which was spreading over the whole body in all the muscles. Because of the creation of this tension, the body will hold this tension for the whole life and will create an unnatural olderings process through losing the moving length in the muscles for all the joints, for making the body to stay fit and healthy. Also moving the skeleton and everything inside the body is hugely influenced of it. The muscles become harder and shorter, more tensed. When the body starts to hold onto to high tension it activates too high contraction and tension in every mission. This leads again to a powerful reduction of the circulation and immune system, which is itself creating the body not to be able to take care of itself and fight certain sicknesses and symptoms. Because of the tensed muscles there is less moving length which makes the organs to have less capacity. The moving length in itself is the indication for the capacity of the organs and for the body to take care of itself. Everything will be less moving.

The tension spreads usually to all the muscles and creates a muscle pancer which is holding down many talents, abilities, reduces the senses, visualization ability, memory.

Too high constant contraction shortens the muscles and makes the body stiff and pulls the body into a wrong body posture. It reduces the breath, blocks the visual abilities and is limiting all physical and mental functions.

This seminar is a unique chance to release your body and clear your mind and start to free your full power as this powerful human species you are!

For people who are deeper interested there is more information available. Just contact us for that. Anyway the most important is the experience. Welcome to the seminar!